Stowe, Vermont's Captivating Waterfalls Will Leave You in Awe

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New England is one of the hottest spots for chasing waterfalls, right up there with New York's Finger Lakes, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Minnesota's North Shore. We've got hundreds of these scenic cascades scattered around our mountains, and lucky for you, many are just a short, scenic drive from Atlas Vacation Properties, a cozy country inn on the outskirts of Stowe, VT. Whether you're up for an adventure, a romantic getaway, or a chill wilderness retreat, you'll be smitten with the natural beauty and peaceful vibes of the Green Mountains. And the best part? We're within an hour's drive of some of the best Stowe Vermont waterfalls.


To ensure your New England escape is perfect, we've rounded up five of the best waterfalls in Vermont based on our own experiences and feedback from our guests. Sure, Edson Hill is close to three stunning waterfalls in Stowe, VT, but we consider it's worth hitting the road and exploring other nearby towns for some truly magical spots.

Moss Glen Falls – Stowe 
Top Waterfalls in Vermont
Kicking off our list with a classic Stowe gem:
Moss Glen Falls. It's a quick and super scenic hike, only taking about 20 or 30 minutes, depending on how fast you walk. Just a heads up, there's a short but steep climb towards the end. Photographers, especially during peak fall, adore snapping shots near the waterfall's edge – it's seriously stunning!

And trust me, you'll want to have your camera ready for this one! The sight of the water cascading down amidst the colorful foliage is nothing short of magical. So, lace up your hiking boots, grab your camera, and get ready to experience the beauty of Moss Glen Falls firsthand. It's a must-visit spot for anyone exploring the natural wonders of Vermont.

Moss Glen Falls – Granville
Yep, you read that right – there's another Moss Glen Falls just an hour away from our property. And guess what? This Granville version is just as stunning as the one near our fancy inn. It's kinda crazy how similar they look! Most folks hang out on the lookout point to snap pics of this awesome waterfall, but if you're feeling adventurous, you can totally climb down into the gorge for a closer peek. While both Moss Glens are pretty epic, we're partial to the Stowe one because, well, Granville doesn't have as many sweet hiking trails nearby.

But hey, if you're in the area and up for quick Stowe Vermont waterfalls fix, Moss Glen Falls in Granville is still worth checking out. It may not have the same hiking options, but it's still a great spot to admire nature's beauty and snap some envy-inducing photos. So if you've got the time, swing by and see for yourself why Moss Glen Falls is a must-see destination in Vermont.


Bolton Potholes Stowe 
Bolton Now, let's clear something up – we're not chatting about Bolton Falls here.
Bolton Potholes is a hidden gem near Stowe, VT, and it's one of our top picks for waterfall spots. What makes it so cool? Well, not many folks know about it, which adds to its mysterious charm. Some even call it the "Devil's Punchbowl" because of its three plunges that seem to vanish, kinda like the spooky Devil's Kettle. Plus, two of the potholes are filled with this gorgeous emerald water, making it a hotspot for summer swimmers and sunbathers.

So if you're looking for a unique and off-the-beaten-path adventure, Bolton Potholes is the place to be. Pack your swimsuit, bring along your camera, and get ready to explore this hidden gem tucked away in the Vermont wilderness. It's the perfect spot to cool off on a hot summer day or simply soak up the beauty of nature in peace. Trust us, you won't regret adding Bolton Potholes to your list of must-visit waterfalls in Vermont.


Blake Falls – Woodbury

When it comes to Central Vermont, Blake Falls is the real deal. What makes it so rad? Well, you gotta do a little creek-side exploring to find it, which adds to the adventure. Just Park along Route 14, about a mile south of Woodbury, and listen for rushing water. Then, follow the creek to Blake Falls. Oh, and keep an eye out for Lower Blake Falls too – you can spot it on your way to the main waterfall.

Once you've found Blake Falls, you'll see why it's worth the trek. The sight and sound of the cascading water are simply mesmerizing, and the surrounding scenery is straight out of a postcard. So, grab your hiking shoes, bring some snacks, and prepare for an awesome adventure to one of Central Vermont's coolest hidden spots. Blake Falls is waiting to be discovered, and trust me, it's totally worth it.


Bingham Falls – Stowe
Best Stowe Vermont Waterfalls

Okay, so Bingham Falls might not be the biggest waterfall around. But let me tell you, it's the perfect spot for a chill picnic, a refreshing swim, or a fun photo shoot. Like most of the awesome waterfalls in Vermont, Bingham Falls is just a short, half-mile walk away. While Moss Glen tends to draw in the crowds, Bingham usually stays pretty quiet – even on a hot summer day. And bonus – it's the closest of the three Stowe waterfalls to Edson Hill, only about 4.9 miles away.
So if you're looking for a low-key spot to hang out and enjoy nature's beauty without the crowds, Bingham Falls is the place to be. Pack a picnic basket, throw on your swimsuit, and don't forget your camera – you're in for a treat. And the best part? It's just a short drive from Edson Hill, making it the perfect destination for a day trip or afternoon adventure. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the charm of Bingham Falls.


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  • Q: What are some top waterfall spots near Stowe, Vermont?
    • A: Moss Glen Falls, Bolton Potholes, Blake Falls, and Bingham Falls.
  • Q: How far are these waterfalls from Edson Hill in Stowe?
    • A: Within an hour's drive.
  • Q: What's unique about Moss Glen Falls in Granville?
    • A: It offers a similar stunning view like the Stowe version but with fewer hiking trails nearby.
  • Q: Why is Bolton Potholes recommended?
    • A: It's a hidden gem with emerald waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the summer.
  • Q: What makes Bingham Falls stand out?
    • A: It's a low-key spot perfect for picnics, swims, and photography, just a short drive from Edson Hill.