Explore the Top 6 Must-Visit Vermont Towns for Your Fall Escape

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Fall's here, and Stowe, Vermont is where it's at! With the leaves changing and that crisp autumn air, it's the perfect time to be in Vermont. We've got all four seasons here, but let's be real, fall steals the show.  As we watch the leaves fall, it's like nature's telling us to let go and enjoy the beauty of change. And trust me, it's pretty darn spectacular.
Whether you're into hitting up local breweries or getting out into nature, Stowe has everything you need for an awesome fall adventure.
So, what can you do in Stowe, Vermont? Well, here are six things to do in stowe vermont in the fall:

Get up to the summit of Mount Mansfield, the tallest peak in Vermont!

Mount Mansfield stands tall at 4,394 feet, making it one of just two spots in Vermont where you'll find a cool arctic-alpine tundra vibe, complete with rare plants that dig those high, windy conditions. And get this – its name comes from how it looks like a massive snoozing face when seen from the east.

Every year, more than 40,000 peeps make their way up to Mount Mansfield. You can drive up on the toll road at Stowe Mountain Resort or take a hike if that's more your style. For those keen on trekking, there are a few trails to choose from, but we reckon starting at Underhill State Park and hitting the Sunset Ridge Trail is the way to go.

Mount Mansfield is seriously one-of-a-kind, especially in the fall when the leaves are popping. It's hands down the best spot for a hike during Vermont's foliage season.

Check out how Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made with a factory tour!

If you haven't done it yet, you've gotta take the Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour! It's a quick 30-minute guided tour where you'll get the lowdown on how everyone's favorite ice cream is made, plus you'll get to taste it too. When you show up, you'll catch a video featuring Ben & Jerry themselves, the duo who kicked off this whole ice cream journey.

After that, you'll hear all about the company's history, including how they started with their first scoop shop in a revamped gas station. Then, you'll peek at the production line that churns out over a quarter of a million pints every day, followed by a swing by the Flavor Lab.

But the best part? You'll get to try the flavor of the day ice cream, which you can only get on the tour. And don't forget to give a nod to the old favorites at the Flavor Graveyard, and swing by the gift shop for cool stuff like coffee mugs and tees.

Stop by the famous Cold Hollow Cider Mill!

You can't leave Vermont without hitting up Cold Hollow Cider Mill for some fresh apple cider donuts and pressed apple cider.

Cold Hollow has been whipping up their famous donuts for a solid 25 years now. They've got this top-secret recipe, so sadly, you won't be able to replicate these babies at home! Especially during the fall, they're churning out over 800 dozen donuts every single day.

While you're there, grab a cup of their famous cider from the big ol' sample tank and watch the folks pressing it right in front of you. And don't forget to take a wander through their cute gift shop – you might just find the perfect souvenir for your crew.

Oh, and here's the best part – you can order their cider and donuts online, so you can enjoy a taste of fall any time of the year!

Let's go for a zip tour adventure!

Get ready to soak in some stunning views from Stowe Mountain Pines rental property! Take a ride up the Gondola to the tippy-top of Mount Mansfield and then launch into one epic zip line adventure. This bad boy is one of the longest and fastest zip line tours you'll find in North America!

The ZipTour is made up of three zip line spans, and get this – there are two side-by-side cables so you can share the awesomeness with a buddy.

Oh, and don't forget to strap on a GoPro to capture all the thrills. That way, when winter's got you down, you can kick back and relive the excitement.

Grab a cold one at a local brewery nearby!

Vermont's got a whopping 50 local breweries, and guess what? Three of them are right here in Stowe! Whether you're into knocking back a classic IPA or savoring a tangy sour or rich stout, there's something for everyone's taste buds.

Score yourself a sunny spot out on the back deck at Idletyme Brewing Company and chow down on some top-notch American farm-to-table grub.

Next up, swing by The Alchemist Brewery for a taste of the legendary Heady Topper and check out the sleek new digs with their modern, open design.

Round off your brewery tour at von Trapp Brewery and BierHall. Here, you'll switch gears from the IPA scene and sip on a crisp lager or refreshing pilsner that's a hit all over New England. And trust me, the food and views are not to be missed – especially when the leaves start changing in the fall.

Check out our cool old, covered bridges!

Vermont's got the ideal setting for your fall foliage pics. And hey, we've got something cool to help you find your way – good ol' paper maps with highlighters! Oh, and did you know we've got a whopping 100 covered bridges here in the Green Mountain State? Yup, we've got the most covered bridges per square mile in the whole U.S.

It's the cherry on top of your Vermont fall getaway!


Unforgettable Things to Do in Stowe Vermont in the Fall

In conclusion, Stowe, Vermont offers an array of unforgettable experiences for your fall getaway. Whether you're seeking adventure, want to soak in the beauty of the season or need accommodation, Stowe has something special for you. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable autumn adventure. Don't miss out on these amazing things to do in Stowe Vermont in the fall!



1. What is the best time to visit Stowe, Vermont?

Fall, particularly mid to late October, is the best time to visit Stowe for peak foliage and a vibrant autumn atmosphere.

2. Are the brewery tours in Stowe suitable for families?

Yes, many brewery tours in Stowe are family-friendly, offering non-alcoholic options and engaging activities for all ages.

3. Can I purchase Vermont's famous apple cider donuts online?

Yes, Cold Hollow Cider Mill offers online ordering for their famous apple cider donuts, allowing you to enjoy a taste of fall year-round.

4. Are there hiking trails suitable for beginners at Mount Mansfield?

Yes, Mount Mansfield offers a variety of hiking trails catering to different skill levels, including options suitable for beginners.

5. How many covered bridges are there in Vermont?

Vermont boasts over 100 covered bridges, providing ample opportunities for scenic drives and photography during the fall season.